Intense Pulsed Light

We are pleased to welcome our newest laser into the practice! Our Harmony Lite or Intense Pulsed Light has always been a staple within Dr. Sciara’s exam rooms but the new enhanced version treats a variety of skincare concerns on a variety of skin tones and skin types. This new in-motion technology sets itself apart from other IPL systems. It is best described as an advanced light source that competes with laser technology. This laser treats different concerns including vascular and pigmented lesions (broken blood vessels and brown spots), melisma pigmentation, hair removal and acne vulgaris. This latest technology generates a more efficient treatment, less patient discomfort, minimal skin damage and ideal clinical results.

Quick Facts

  • More efficient treatment
  • Less patient discomfort
  • Minimal down time
  • Quick Results
  • Treats years of sun damage with only a few treatments